Can an E85 Conversion Kit Boost Power in a Nissan 370Z?

As car enthusiasts, you’d most likely have heard about the E85 conversion kit, and how it’s managed to create a buzz in the automobile world. An E85 conversion kit enables a car to run on a high-content ethanol fuel, typically 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. The question we’re addressing today is, can this kit really boost power in a Nissan 370Z? Let’s deep dive into this topic and find out.

Understanding the Concept of an E85 Conversion Kit

Before we delve into the specifics, it’s critical to understand what an E85 conversion kit is, and why it’s received such hype. The kit primarily comprises parts like a set of high-flow fuel injectors, an adjustable fuel regulator, and a high-volume fuel pump.

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The concept of an E85 conversion hinges on the idea of utilizing ethanol fuel. Ethanol, a type of alcohol, is derived from crop grains, making it renewable and relatively clean-burning. The ‘E’ in E85 stands for ethanol, while the number refers to the percentage of ethanol content in the fuel.

E85 fuel’s primary advantage is that it has a higher oxygen content than regular gasoline, which can lead to more efficient combustion in the engine. However, greater volumes of E85 fuel are required to produce the same energy as gasoline. This is where the conversion kit steps in – to accommodate the increased fuel demands.

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How the E85 Conversion Kit Works

The kit’s function is to allow your car’s engine to handle the more significant volumes of E85 fuel. The high-flow fuel injectors ensure that sufficient fuel is supplied to the engine, while the adjustable fuel regulator manages the pressure levels within the fuel system. Additionally, the high-volume fuel pump guarantees that ample fuel is delivered to the injectors.

The conversion kit also includes an ECU remap, which alters the engine control unit to optimize power output and increase overall performance. This reprogramming of the ECU will adjust the fuel, ignition, and boost mapping to take advantage of the properties that the E85 fuel offers, like higher octane ratings and cooler combustion temperatures.

The Impact on a Nissan 370Z’s Performance

Now, let’s consider how such a setup would impact a Nissan 370Z. Known for its V6 engine and sleek design, the Nissan 370Z is a favourite among car enthusiasts. The car inherently has a powerful engine, but with an E85 conversion kit, you could potentially enhance its performance even further.

A 370Z outfitted with an E85 conversion kit will certainly exhibit a noticeable augmentation in power. The higher the ethanol content, the greater the boost in engine power. This is primarily because ethanol allows for a higher compression ratio and more aggressive ignition timing, which results in better performance and increased power.

Moreover, the cooling effect of the ethanol helps to keep the engine temperature under control, even under strenuous conditions. This cooling effect not only enhances the performance but also extends the engine’s life by reducing wear and tear.

Other Factors to Consider

While the idea of turbocharging your Nissan 370Z with an E85 conversion kit may sound tempting, there are several other factors to consider. First, the availability of E85 fuel varies widely. While it’s becoming increasingly commonplace in many parts of the U.S., some areas still lack E85 pumps. This could complicate things if you’re planning long-distance trips or if your local area doesn’t have readily available E85 supplies.

Secondly, the cost of conversion needs to be considered. An E85 conversion kit can be quite expensive, and the installation process may involve some additional costs. Furthermore, since E85 fuel is less energy-dense than gasoline, your car’s fuel consumption will increase, leading to more frequent fill-ups.

Lastly, the use of E85 fuel can lead to the corrosion of certain engine parts, especially if they’re not designed to handle ethanol. This could result in extra maintenance costs and possibly even engine damage in the long run.

In Conclusion

While the E85 conversion kit has multiple potential benefits to supercharge your Nissan 370Z, it’s no magic bullet. It’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons, consider the availability of E85 fuel in your locale, and take into account your own driving habits and needs. An E85 conversion kit can indeed boost the power of a Nissan 370Z, but whether it’s the right choice for you will depend on an array of factors.

Flex Fuel System and Forced Induction

The E85 conversion kit essentially transforms your gasoline-powered Nissan 370Z into a flex-fuel vehicle, capable of handling both gasoline and ethanol-rich E85 fuel. This conversion enhances the capability of the fuel system to process the high ethanol content, thus capitalizing on its advantages.

One significant benefit of E85 is its high octane rating. The octane rating of a fuel is a measure of its resistance to knock or ping during combustion. A higher octane rating allows the car’s engine to function at higher compression ratios without causing knocking. This is a significant advantage for performance cars like the Nissan 370Z, especially if they have a forced induction system like a turbocharger or a supercharger.

A forced induction system like a turbo kit forces more air into the combustion chamber, allowing more fuel to be burned and thus creating more power. E85’s high octane rating means it can withstand the higher pressures in a turbocharged or supercharged engine without causing knock. This makes it highly compatible with turbo kits, thereby increasing the engine’s power output.

However, it’s worth noting that while an E85 conversion kit can indeed boost power in a Nissan 370Z, using one alongside a turbo kit requires careful consideration. The heightened fuel demands due to forced induction might necessitate further modifications to the fuel system, such as a larger fuel pump or stainless steel fuel lines to cater to the increased fuel flow.

The Bottom Line

The E85 conversion kit certainly holds the potential to boost power in a Nissan 370Z. Its high octane rating and cooling effect make it particularly beneficial in high-performance applications. Moreover, by transforming your car into a flex-fuel vehicle, you gain the flexibility to switch between using E85 and conventional pump gas as per availability and requirement.

However, it’s not all roses. The use of E85 fuel can lead to increased fuel consumption and possible engine corrosion in the long run. Furthermore, the price of conversion, including the cost of the kit and installation, can be a deterrent for some.

To conclude, while an E85 conversion kit can undoubtedly boost the power of your Nissan 370Z, the decision to make the switch should not be taken lightly. Ensure to consider factors such as fuel availability, the cost of conversion, and potential long-term impacts on your engine. Always remember that while the prospect of increased power can be enticing, longevity and efficiency should never be ignored.

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